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16 Jul How to enter to our code server?
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See the next video for more detail on how to enter to our CODE SERVER:..
03 Jul Samsung Accesories updated
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We are proud to announce we have all accessories from Samsung Galaxy S10.You will be able to purchase from July 10, 2019 at our online store.All Samsung come with free lifetime warranty.Thanks for trusting us,FASTNCK..
03 Jul We are adding products
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Currently we are adding products, and will add new products as soon as we finish recovering all info we lost.Stay tuned for new pricing and functions.Sincerelly,FASTNCK..
03 Jul VIP ZONE Active Again
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Dear users, after having a problem with the site on the previous platform, we have worked hard to recover the information from the VIP area.Therefore, if you bought the $9 VIP access, proceed to register in the link below and send your user + the ord..
29 Jun The new store from FASTNCK
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We are proud to announce the opening of our new store. FASTNCK.COM has change platform, design and core systems.We are happy to tell you that our website will be updated every week, and improve each day.Thank you for supporting us, and keep purchasin..
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